Thursday, September 5, 2013

More About Summer Learning Programs

Summer learning programs for kids actually came into being from the late 1880s. Some of the programs included the development of reading abilities as well as development of vocational talent of the kids participating in the summer camps while some others focused on the development of life skills and values of the children. These summer programs have been developed for kids who have wide range of interest in different extra-curricular activities other than school related activities. These camps include varied activities like outdoor camp experiences, art, music, sports, and other teen activities. However, one must not confuse between these summer learning programs for kids and the summer schools organized by many schools. Summer school activities largely focus on academic instructions. They take place only for half a day and are attended by students who have quite a low-performance level and unlike summer programs, the summer schools are also most often, mandatory. However, the summer camps are also involved in recreational programs along with educational programs and they are voluntary only. The kids participating in these programs are those who have different level of performances and these programs are quite flexible in these respects. There are different types of summer programs for kids, which include youth development, educational or cognitive, health and fitness, career development related programs and multi-element programs. The following are the benefits of these programs for kids: * Increase in self-esteem: In these summer camps, kids of different ages participate. Thus, they get into the habit of looking after each other and especially looking after the younger campers. These kinds of activities involving responsibility and managing to exceed expectations of others help in boosting their self-confidence and self-esteem. * Kids become disciplined and organized: The summer learning programs generally have a kind of a fixed schedule that every child as well as the trainers attending the programs must follow. Therefore, kids automatically learn to wake up early and on time and get equipped to finish their chores on the right time. * Kids love for nature grows immensely through these summer learning programs for kids: These summer camps are also the best choice for value additions to the children. Among these, instigating the love of nature is one of the most important values that the children learn here. Being close to the nature, they learn to respect nature and protect it. This becomes an important lesson for their entire life. * The physical skills of children also evolve: The summer learning programs are very much involved in organizing various kinds of physical activities and sports like canoeing, hiking, swimming, horse riding, and all these kinds of teen activities help greatly in developing their physical fitness, which is not possible by sitting at home. * The feeling of respect towards other kid's increases: In the camps, children learn how to work with each other in attaining a specific goal. When their specific task is completed and their goal is attained, the kids learn to respect the hard work inputted by the other kids and they start respecting each other.

South Carolina School For The Deaf And Blind

The South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind is located on a 160 acre campus in Spartanburg. The school is the only specialized facility in the state for this student population. In addition to its programs on campus, the school offers outreach programs for visual and hearing impaired students throughout South Carolina. The School for the Deaf was founded in 1849 as a private school for the hearing impaired. The School for the Blind was established in 1855. In 1977 Cedar Springs Academy, a special School for the Multihandicapped was added. This school serves students who have other disabilities in addition to being hearing or visually impaired. There are no tuition fees for students other than a $40 yearly activity fee. The school receives state and federal funding for its operating expenses. The Walker Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports the school and its programs. The School for the Deaf enrolls children beginning in preschool. Communication skills for these students are enhanced through the teaching of American Sign Language. The School for the Blind enrolls preschoolers who are blind or significantly visually impaired. Tactile development is enhanced through many hands on activities. Educational programs are tailored to meet the individual needs of each child. Day school students ages 3-21 attend classes on campus and may participate in a variety of additional after school activities. Free bus transportation is provided for local students. Sports programs include basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, wrestling, cheerleading, and track and field. Students ages 4½- 21 who reside outside of the Spartanburg area may live on campus. Independent living skills are stressed so that students can learn to be self sufficient. The South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind has statewide outreach programs that focus on early intervention, targeting children from birth to age 3. Other services include a Braille and large print distribution center, sign language interpreters, and visual and hearing services in the South Carolina public schools. There is a cooperative mainstreaming program that allows students to take advantage of services offered by the School for the Deaf and Blind while taking courses at local public schools. A vocational facility trains students for career and job opportunities. At age 13 students begin career awareness classes. High school students have the opportunity to work on and off campus. There are also some training programs in partnership with local businesses and industries. The South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind is located at 355 Cedar Springs Road. Campus facilities include a swimming pool, running track, playgrounds, and a bowling alley.

7 Major Tech Courses Offered By Tech Camps For Teens

Computer camps are basically focused on bringing forth the love for technology in the youth and so improve their talents in diverse streams of competence such as programming, video game programming, graphics, web designing and robotics besides others. Big technology camps companies provide tech training for teens providing directions on latest technologies available from top software and even tech companies like Apple, Autodesk to Microsoft, Google and so on. Dedicated attention is bestowed on students with the class size best set up for max attention. Staff exhibits a higher level of efficiency and even proficiency and so are roped in from renowned organizations. An introduction to the top training on offer can help you in opting for the best camp tailored for your specific wants. Game designing and development course Games have a dominating presence in many teens lives and hence to solve the secrets at work behind this multi-billion business with video game courses is a wonderful experience for them. Teens get a chance to comprehend the principles dictating the creation, design and so implementation of games for various platforms. 3D modeling and game modding courses offer you hands-on training to imporve your grasp on graphics, art, animation, workflow streamlining and so other programming ideas. App programming course Apps basically became an inevitable area of our digital existence. Digital age mandates simple understanding of app programming, scripting and so troubleshooting relevant problems. The future of software architecture is very promising with huge growth predicted by top experts. Understanding the building blocks behind the scene with customized programming classes will prepare the ground for capitalizing on this opportunity. Robotics course Robots in myriad shapes, sizes and also complexity levels are leading the course of our modern lives. Robotics courses help teens understand the intricate technologies which play behind the mechanical beings that beautifully drive the engine of our lives. Fun learning classes, experiment workshops and so limit challenging inspiring talks will motivate you to learn how to harness the immense potential of robotics and associated mechanical channels. Web designing course Web now, is a potent medium to provide expression to your ideas and so build a positive brand identity while marketing in niche segment. Breathtaking interactive content, dynamic plus engaging multimedia, compelling content are crucial ingredients of an impressive web page. Develop ripples in the web scene by selecting this course and so understanding the basics. 3D modeling and animation course Top notch game developers and so film studios rely on the power packed features of Autodesk Maya and so other sterling 3D offers to deliver leading edge presentations that stun your senses. Learn the user-friendly tools to erect your own fantasy characters and deploy them with knowledge acquired regarding animation, effects plus rendering. Filmmaking course This course takes you on a ride into the engaging world of filmmaking involving pre-production visualization, camera maneuvering, creative editing, special effects and even an chance to practice with professional cameras. Photographer course The course offers useful information in to the amazing realm of capturing pro-grade shots plus manipulating pictures through subtle adjustment of exposure, shadow, and so light rolled with precise editing. Apart from the above mentioned courses, students can pick up programs in Digital Music, Photoshop, Programming languages, Animation and so on. Tech camps for teens are ideal breeding ground for nurturing the latent talents in youngsters by exposing them to experienced instructors and passionate students. The atmosphere of the camp is kept light and fun filled to ensure overall personality development of students participating in programming courses.

Salt Lake Child Development Center Experts Discuss Cyberbullying

Salt Lake Child Development Center Experts Discuss Cyberbullying The owners of Learning Tree Schools, a Salt Lake City child development center, discuss the dangers of Cyberbullying. Keywords: salt lake child development center, day care center, child day care West Jordan Utah, Child daycares Salt Lake City, Utah – Bullying comes in many forms, and Cyberbullying is particularly aggressive and dangerous. "It can be difficult to protect children from Cyberbullying because parents often don't understand it themselves," says Amy Moyes owner of Salt Lake City child development center Learn Tree Schools. "It's defined as ‘when someone repeatedly harasses, mistreats, or makes fun of another person online or while using cell phones or other electronic devices' by the Cyberbullying Research Center. Text messages, emails, photos and social networks all come into play." It is especially dangerous because it can occur around the clock and can happen anonymously. Parents need to take extra precautions to ensure their children are not being bullied, or acting as the bully. Cyberbullying is unique because the child who is the bully one day may become the victim the next day. How a child is bullied is only limited by the imagination of the aggressor, and his access to technology. There may be no clear cut reasons as to why the cyber bully has chosen to act. It may stem from revenge, anger or boredom. Anyone, whether physically weak or strong, can be the bully. And a child who is bullied today could become the aggressor tomorrow. "Children need to be responsible for what they send in a text or an email or what they post on a social network," says Moyes, who owns three day care center in the Millcreek area. "If your child wouldn't say it in person, they should care enough not to say it online. Help them understand that our online presence has a lasting effect." According to our expert in child day care West Jordan Utah, parents should always be aware of what information their children are sharing online or via text message. Cyberbullying attacks can be sophisticated. The personal information or photos a child thinks she is sharing with someone she trusts can end up being spread to countless others in seconds. Have honest discussions with them about their online presence and allow computer use only in highly trafficked areas of the home and only during daytime hours. Parents should explain that any restrictions put in place are because they care about the child and center all talks around honesty and not penalizing the child. Hosking who has also the experience of dealing with Murray Child daycares adds, for children who have cellphones, monitor their phone records and text messages. Many phone companies can set up service packages that send a copy of the text messages to parents so all conversations can be monitored. Parents should understand that during one instance of Cyberbullying, their child may go back and forth from being victim to bully. Defending oneself can quickly escalate to attacking and bullying the other person. Before jumping to conclusions or enacting punishment, parents should always be sure they have the facts about the situation. If children have become the victim of continuous harassment or have received threats, local law enforcement officials should be consulted. Remember to save all electronic communications so that law enforcement can see the extent of the bullying, and so they can attempt to track down who is behind the attacks. While Cyberbullying is a real threat our children face, if parents and children work closely together, they can limit, and hopefully eliminate, its occurrences.

Child’s Play And The Role Of Early Education

The early childhood years, before school and society begin to wield their influence, could be called the “play years.” Though many of us never lose our love of playing, it is this initial period of life when play consumes most of a child’s waking hours. Whereas once child’s play was considered a waste of time, developmental psychologists now understand that it is an essential and healthy part of childhood. Creative play promotes growth and change in key areas of development, including language, physical, cognitive and social skills. Early Development From the very beginning of life we explore the world through sensory experience. Toddlers play pretend when they imitate actions and events of the world around them. By age 5, a child’s physical development and motor skills allow them to play independently and with others, running around and using playground equipment. Play with other children is especially important because children learn these large motor skills better from peers than adult instruction. Rapid neurological changes in this stage of life foster imagination growth and social interaction skills. While a 2-year-old is likely to throw temper tantrums and cling to parents in fear of separation, a few years later they have usually learned to handle anger more constructively and successfully play in groups. Early Education Play should not be rigid, but rather integrated into the child’s freely flowing world. Instructors are trained in early childhood college to base lessons around play and hands-on activities, the primary way young children learn. Games, music, artwork and increasingly computers are popularly used to engage their attention. Puzzles, play-dough and building blocks can inspire imagination and problem-solving skills. Encourage drawing with lots of colours and telling stories, even if verbal mistakes make them tricky to understand. Young children without fear of embarrassment are eager to communicate and their free use of language helps them acquire vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation abilities. Story time plays an essential role in promoting learning, with associated questions, rhyming games or arts and crafts providing the opportunity for them to respond. Much can be learned about a child’s development by observing them in play. It is often a reflection of how they see society, recreating aspects of their life and providing hints about how they feel about themselves. This becomes apparent in observing who they choose to emulate in role-playing and who becomes leader of the group. Watching how materials are distributed illustrates their concept of sharing and respect. Children with Disabilities Children with disabilities often have lower self-esteem than their peers and more difficulty developing social skills. Parents or instructors trained with a personal support worker course may have to teach them how to play. If they’re over-protected they will lack the requisite peer pressure that group play provides. Play is to a child what work is to an adult – a fruitful and powerful pursuit.

Early Inclusion For Children With Disabilities

While it is true for all children that early education and developmental efforts go a long way to empowering healthy and fulfilled adults, this particularly applies to children with disabilities. Despite more vulnerability to developmental risks, young children with disabilities often have insufficient access to mainstream programs and services. Difficulties stemming from inadequate government policy, negative attitudes and lack of physical access make a challenging situation even tougher. If these children and their parents are not provided with timely and appropriate early intervention, support and protection, there may be severe long-term consequences, increased poverty and profound exclusion. All children need support to reach their full potential, including parenting, play and educational efforts, to develop social skills, language, and physical and cognitive capacity. Many children with disabilities also require early medical, therapeutic and clinical intervention, which the United Nations has declared a right. The first three years of a child's life are critical in developing essential characteristics of future growth and for those with disabilities it is a window of time when the risk of future disability can be minimized. This is when partnerships and referral processes can be formed with health clinics and disability service providers. In the home, knowledge from a personal support worker course helps identify children who would benefit from further outside help. Self-help groups and organizations can be facilitated for parents to share information and seek training while a space is provided for the children to play. Early childhood inclusion can be promoted by increasing access to a variety of organizational and community contexts, using a wide range of instructional approaches to foster participation in play and learning activities, particularly a sense of belonging, and developmental supports. It requires a fundamental shift in attitudes by society, ensuring primary schools are nurturing, welcoming environments and teachers have adequate training and support to encourage every child to reach their full potential. Inclusive pre-school and primary schooling necessitates additional investments in accessible facilities, flexible teaching methods and educational resources, which ultimately benefit all children. Current early intervention systems are highly fragmented with parents in rural communities often having to travel long distances to reach support from children's hospitals or specialized schools. There have been recent efforts to integrate the many support services (health, education, speech and language, therapists, etc.) to enable smoother transitions to the school system. With municipalities and school boards sharing responsibilities, there will be challenges to open communication and erode territorialism but also great potential to make lasting differences for children, their families and the school system as a whole. Elementary teachers without specific developmental training can be assisted by educators from an early childhood college working with this inclusive approach. Evidence suggests inclusive, family-based early intervention with a long-term focus significantly reduces the number of children in special education programs later in school and enables children with lifelong disabilities to become happier, more productive members of society.

Common Myths About Online Education

The internet has proven its importance to billions of users worldwide. This technological advancement has made life easy for most people. It is with this technology too that education has broadened its horizon to reach those who live far and those who wanted to squeeze in their availability. This advancement paved the way for the introduction of e-learning courses. Despite its clamor, it has been subjected to controversial fallacies that have made other individuals doubt about its legitimacy and value. The Fallacies 1. Questioned Accreditation – Since academic courses and training skills can now be sought online, people are questioning the validity and accreditation of the institutions offering such courses. Moreover, there is now a growing list of course units made available to interested students, which can make you think if these are indeed the same as what you can find in major universities and colleges. The fact stands that there are brick-and-mortar schools that extend their services online. They provide these services to students who find their university far and are working part-time. It, therefore, follows that these online courses are all accredited. 2. Speedy Learning – Most people think that studying online is a lot easier and faster compared to studying in an actual institution. Many may have the notion that if you try to earn a degree or certificate through online studies, you will graduate earlier rather than having to go through the same units in conventional schools. This idea is a fallacy because virtual students still need to undergo the same training, tests, and other evaluation activities just like in regular colleges. The students need to undergo intensive training and complete the same numbers of credit hours just like from conventional schools. 3. Inability To Transfer – Students fear that they may be unable to transfer to the conventional school campus. They worry over the units that they may have taken online not to be credited when they transfer to a new school. In this case, just be mindful of the online school that you plan to enroll. Make sure that it is appropriately accredited by governing bodies so that problems will not occur. 4. Invalidity of Degree – Students are apprehensive that the degree or certificate they will earn from an online college will not be honored in the workplace they intend to apply. Just be reminded that employers are not restricting their applicant requirements when it comes to the educational background. In fact, majority of the employers welcome online graduates and commends them of their technical knowledge about the internet. Before pursuing an online degree, just double check the accreditations of the school as well as competent training resources from the course modules.

Discover Your Passion With Karate

What is your motivation when it comes to your martial arts training? Are you aiming for a more sculptured body? Inner strength, outer strength? Do you wish to be enlightened or is this an activity which you hope will lower your stress levels? When it comes to any of the disciplines, including Karate, Arlington centers can help you read your own body. Arlington’s prestigious martial arts schools may be able to help you with all of these objectives; after all, we all have different aims and ambitions in life, and in training. Practising a form of marital arts may be the answer to this – your choice may be Karate. Arlington is lucky to have an excellent martial arts school in the region, and it's a perfect place to discover what fuels your motivation and drives you to be a better sportsperson. Whether you're striving to be a better fighter, facing your demons or simply striving to progress in training and life, Karate may be the path that will shine a light on your chosen route. Determination When navigating your life it is important to understand what drives you and what motivates you to strive for better. Whether your motivation at work is a promotion, money or just improving your skills, it is important to understand what stokes that fire in your belly. In training, too, determining this is important so you can focus this energy and evolve it into something meaningful. Some students may look up to their instructors and aspire to be Karate mentors of the future; focusing this energy into your training will produce good progress and an unquenchable thirst to achieve greatness in Karate. Arlington centers are ideal for discovering and nourishing your inner passion. Aims in Life and in Training It may have originally simply been your aim to take up a sport for physical exercise when you took on Karate. Arlington instructors will demonstrate, however, that this is far more than just a sport. It is a way of helping each and every student achieve their dreams and aspirations – no matter how lofty they may seem. If you have committed yourself to martial arts in order to increase your stamina, this takes dedication. Like everything else in life, this will not come without a lot of hard work and dedication. Devoting your time to training to increase your stamina in, and outside the class will get you results; relying on your teacher to hold your hand every step of the way won’t, however. Mentors are guardians and friends and a friend is your best critic. Your mentor’s honesty and advice will help you excel in your objectives and if you are able to take on and heed this support and critique nothing will be able to stop you. In order to motivate yourself you have to have drive; drive comes from passion and passion varies from person to person. Find your own personal passion - your fuel – and that will see you excel in your training and all other areas of your life.

The Importance Of Stretching In Taekwondo

When it comes to a quality training ground for various disciplines of Martial Arts, like Taekwondo, Fairfax VA is home to a renowned and respected school. The spacious, well-lit training center is ideal for students to carry out in-depth warm-ups and stretch their arms and - more importantly for kicks - their legs. When training, it is vital to have a thorough warm-up before a session. This allows your muscles to warm, thus preventing strains, pulls and injuries during the work out. Warming up and stretching out is crucial to your kicking techniques; if you haven't stretched you will not be agile enough to kick to form, or improve your kicks over time. For learning Taekwondo, Fairfax VA is one of the best places to learn, not only the sport, but also the discipline behind it. Flexibility Stretching is vital for flexibility. By stretching your muscles every morning or evening, and also before and after a training session, it will help ease any tightness or pain you may have. It also tends to help other parts of the body, which may not be being used as much and can be affected by office jobs, such as the lower and upper back. For those stuck behind a desk all day, it is important to strengthen your back; your posture and lack of movement at work can cause your bones to become weak due to a lack of vibration. In a session of Taekwondo, Fairfax VA students will experience a shock to their system if they have not been exercising certain areas of their body. Over time, however, your strength will increase and you will feel much healthier and stronger for it. Movement By adding stretching to your regular routine you will begin to feel the positive effects of it over time. After your training session in Taekwondo, Fairfax VA is the perfect place to take some of what you learnt in class and apply it to your everyday life. For example, if you're watching the television, perhaps try to do the plank, sit-ups, push-ups, and a variety of stretches as you catch up with your TV shows. These actions will strengthen your body and give you better movement as your flexibility increases day by day. This is also a good time to practise other things you have learnt in your training sessions. Track your own progression over the weeks as you pick up movements better in class, due to frequent stretching. It will also increase your alertness, allowing you to react to situations effectively and quickly.

Creating A Healthy Grocery List For The Grocery Store

The number one place where we can make a huge impact in what we eat is at the grocery store. What we bring home is what we will eat throughout the week, and if we make a healthy grocery list, we will avoid the junk food that leads to high calorie impulse eating. Food is most nutritious when it is at its freshest and unprocessed. A good rule of thumb is to limit the amount of fat you eat and never hold back on the vegetables. Fat is a vital nutrient that our body needs. However, fat is found in many foods, even some vegetables, so it is nearly impossible to not consume what you need even when aiming for a low fat diet. Unless you are extremely active, your healthy grocery list will only require a small amount of meat, oils, and cheese to receive your daily requirement of protein. The majority of your shopping cart should be filled with fresh veggies, fruit, and whole grains. Many meals can be prepped early and simple so that a regular homemade meal is more convenient than picking up take out. Winter is a great time to fill up on beans and spices that make preparing savory winter soup a breeze. If you freeze some for later, you will have a warm and hearty meal on hand to help you through snacking temptations. Homemade soup is low in calories, inexpensive, filling, easy to heat up, delicious, and often times better the next day. The healthy grocery list and foods that are great for detoxing go hand in hand. They are clean and full of fibre and nutrients that are not saturated with the harmful types of additives and fat. Learn what the most beneficial and nutrient packed fruits and vegetables are so that you make a habit to incorporate a few into your healthy grocery list. Super foods that are potent in antioxidants and vitamins includes blueberries, spinach, citrus, pomegranates, walnuts, broccoli, tomatoes, radishes, and many more. Shopping at local farmers markets is an intelligent way to buy affordable, high quality produce while supporting local farmers. Produce at vegetable stands and farmers markets cost less than half the price compared to large grocery chains. The produce that they carry has not been needlessly shipped around the globe to get inside your grocery cart, so it is also a more responsible decision for the planet. An herb and vegetable garden can go a long way for your health as well. Vegetables that are eaten within hours of being picked taste so much sweeter and have the most nutritional properties that they can muster. Gardens save allot of money, and increase your buying power for more items on your healthy grocery list. Canning your extra garden grown vegetables will stretch your summer harvest even longer throughout the winter months. That one time at the grocery store is when you need to be strong and avoid temptation. If you are determined to stick to your healthy grocery list, and pick up only wholesome foods that pack nutrition inside every calorie, you will be eating for your health while shedding excess weight all week long. The most important step to a healthier life is the change to a healthy diet. Get more information from the free copy of my e-book report to make better choices!

Healthy Snack List For Your Daily Diet

Eating snacks while at the office or at home just after the lunch is a common event. It usually doesn't matter if the snack is healthy or not or what the effects of these on our overall health will be. What if you had a healthy snack list that you can refer to when hunger strikes? This will not only maintain your overall health but also help in the detoxification of your body. A healthy snack list is given below if you are craving sweets: 1) 3/4 cup of a mango tossed with lime juice and some red pepper flakes on it can be a healthy diet. It will give you eighty six calories and half a gram of fat. 2) One sheet or four small graham crackers spread with one teaspoon of each skin ricotta along with jam, is also a good example of healthy snacks. It will give you around eighty six calories and two grams of fat. 3) Half a cup of strawberries which are fully dipped in chocolate can be also used. To make it even better microwave one tablespoon of chocolate chips for ten second increments until it is melted. This will give you around ninety three calories and four grams of fat. 4) You can also take half large pink grapefruit which is sprinkled with half a tablespoon of brown sugar and then boiled for five minutes. This will give you sixty nine calories and absolutely zero gram of fat. A healthy snack list if you are craving for some salt: 1) Half a cup of edamame which is sprinkled with some salt, it's better to use the sea salt can be the first option for a healthy snack list. It will give you about ninety five calories and four grams of fat. 2) One large boiled egg which is sliced up and sprinkled with cumin and salt can be beneficial for your health. Use celery seed or nutmeg if required. This will give you around eighty calories and six grams of fat. 3) Take three ounces of deli turkey along with half a teaspoon of Dijon mustard spread over it. Roll it up by using two romaine lettuces for your healthy diet. It will give you around ninety calories and one gram of fat. 4) One cup of Campbell harvest light soup of a roasted chicken with Italian herbs is also a nice example of a healthy snack list. It will give you around eighty calories and three grams of fat. A healthy snack list if you are carving crunchy: 1) Take some tortilla chips along with two tablespoons of salsa for dipping the chips before you eat. This will give you around eighty calories and three grams of fat. 2) Slice a small apple and toss it with one teaspoon of cinnamon and bake at 250 until they are crispy. It will give you ninety nine calories and zero fat. 3) One cup of jicama sticks with two tablespoons of hummus is a good option. It will give you ninety six calories and three grams of fat. 4) One rye crisp-bread which is topped with one tomato slice is good. It will give you ninety one calories and five grams of fat. The most important step to a healthier life is the change to a healthy diet. Get more information from the free copy of my e-book report to make better choices!
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